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Drive sales and engagement with short-form video on your website.

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Explain more
An interactive video journey lets you tell a story for your customers.
Connect more
Connect more
Your customers can start a live call to ask questions.  This helps build trust.
Sell more
Sell more
Sell more with interactive video and live video calls.
Video Marketing Case Study

See how a marketing company used HeyHuman

EmberTribe has lots of stories to tell, and they're good at telling them. HeyHuman is a compelling way for this marketing company to talk about their range of services using and make a case for the largest companies to trust them with their digital marketing.

  • Users can choose the topics they're interested in
  • Relevant videos for each service they offer can be explored
  • They capture new leads and drive engagement
Tools for live engagement

Get personal with your customers through live video journeys

Video is a must. It makes marketing come alive.

HeyHuman's interactive video lets your customer engage in a new way with your company.  Give customers a way to choose-their-own-adventure and connect with you when they have objections or need more info.

How it works

Get involved with your soon-to-be customers.

Video chat + audio chat +  text chat to create meaningful engagements with a live human. Imagine what this will do for your conversion rate.

Customize a killer video experience

This is the opposite of a bot. It's a real person who is ready to engage.

Add the widget (it's easy)

Five minutes or your pizza is free. Just add a <script> tag to your website and you're rolling. And don't worry, we're here to help.

Set availability and sell more

Configure your working hours, team, and brand settings. Start the sales process when your high-intent customers are most interested.

Are you paying for traffic and
hoping visitors fill out a conversion form?

Engaging with your traffic is better.

Video-first stories designed for sales

Here are just a few things that heyhuman can do.

Get from lead to sale faster

Don't lose your sales momentum! Convert your high-intention leads by engaging with them when they're interested. No more trying to find a time to schedule a call. The call is happening now!

Qualify your prospects

Weed out the tire kickers and qualify your prospects quickly. Clean up your sales pipeline with qualified customers who told you they were ready to buy (or not).

Keep your existing chat widget

HeyHuman works with all your embedded stuff. Keep your existing chat widget (it will come in handy if you need it for support workflows).

Integrate with all the things

You've already got workflows up and running. The good news is that adding video chat doesn't break any of that functionality.

Get hot leads to the sales team

It’s a breeze to add a team member into a customer call. Route the hottest leads to a sales team so you don't lose any customer momentum.

Use video, audio, or text

Customers and agents can connect with a video call, audio only (like a phone call) or with text. This provides maximum flexibility and keeps the focus on the sales process.

Frequently asked questions

What does HeyHuman do?

Interactive video journeys that help communicate what you're really trying to say. Visitors to your website can interact with the video that makes the most sense to them. It also lets visitors connect to you when they have questions or objections. They can connect with a calendar appointment, sending a message, or live video chat.

Is it weird getting on face-to-face calls with random people on my site?

We see customers connect because they have questions and are interested in products. The conversations are natural and unforced. They Googled you for a reason, now they're on your site and have questions and objections that need to be addressed.

How does it work?

You add HeyHuman to your website by embedding a code snippet. Then you upload short videos to your dashboard and they're displayed on your website. Your video journeys help customers explore the video content that they're most interested in.

Is it hard to get this thing working?

Nope. It takes about 5 minutes. And you can toggle the widget on / off in your dashboard.

So you're saying that if I give customers a personalized video journey, I'll actually sell more?

Yes. Yes you will.

Tell better stories with short-form video.

Get the new tools for live customer engagement, straight from your website.

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