The scoop on creating a video

Here's what you need to know about widget videos that drive engagement and revenue


Make it engaging

Maybe this is obvious, but it's so important. Tell your customers what you do and why it matters. Be welcoming and invite them to connect with you.


Make it short

You'll want to keep your video brief. Most videos are between 15-30 seconds. Be sure to experiment with a few different messages to see which triggers the most engagements. Once you have it ready, add it to your widget.


Make it sqaure

Your video should be a square. This means the aspect ratio should be set at 1:1. Almost all video recording software will let you change the aspect ratio, but if you'd like us to help, just send us a note.

Recording a great widget video can be tricky.

We can help.

Like recording your own voicemail greeting, it can get a little awkward. Not to worry though. Our team loves this kind of thing.

  • We'll chat with you about a script and work together on a compelling message.
  • Our team will record a video that you'll love.
  • This service is free for customers.

Let's build a great video

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